In 2020, FISD conducted a review and evaluation of current facilities to determine academic and program adequacy as we plan for the future. This review was led by the District leadership and aided by demographers, engineers, architects, and general contractors. Additionally, the District reviewed programmatic objectives for current and future academic and co-curricular instructional programs (i.e. Career & Technical Educational programs, Band, Fine Arts, Ag-Science, Athletics, etc.). This review also included the District’s financial position, facility limitations, and infrastructure.

Information regarding the District’s vision, facility capacity, and academic goals was shared, discussed, and analyzed with the FISD Board of Trustees, the District Facility Committee, and district staff. The Facility Committee was comprised of 31 members representing a cross-section of the Farmersville community. This process helped prioritize areas deemed most important to be recommended to the Board of Trustees for consideration leading to this called bond election.

This school year FISD’s total enrollment grew by approximately 130 students compared to last year.

Based on a 2018 demographic study, the District has also exceeded the most aggressive growth model by 4%. The District has been identified as a Fast-Growth District by TEA, and continued growth is expected. Multiple housing developments have continued to expand faster than projected in the demographic study.

Current Housing Developments:
– Camden Park (Phase 3: 135 Homes; Phase 4: 106 Homes)
– Colina Creek Estates (94 Homes)
– Chaparral Trail Estates (40 Homes)
– Lakehaven (3,000 Homes – Est. Building Start Date 2023)

After months of discussion and planning, the Farmersville ISD Board of Trustees have called a bond election to be held May 1, 2021. 

The bond includes improvement projects at every campus to:
• address enrollment growth and provide capacity,
• enhance campus safety and security, and
• expand academic, CTE, and co-curricular space.

Source: 2018 Demographic Study